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Drainage Solutions Products
Drainage Solutions Products
Drainage Solutions Products


OMC Technologies provide a full range of stainless steel drainage products to meet the needs a broad range of applications in the construction, commercial & industrial sectors.

Our Products:

Stainless Steel Drainage Channels

OMC Technologies offer customers a wide variety of stainless steel floor drainage channels including high-output channels, slot channels, super-clean channels, heavy traffic channels, corrosive environment channels, cleanroom channels, to suit solid/vinyl floors, shower/washroom channels.

Each type of standard channel is available with different types of standard gratings suitable for weight loads from 1350 kg up to 8400 kg.

OMC Technologies offer purpose-made channels on request to ensure that any drainage requirement can be satisfied and our drainage know-how enables us to offer customers the highest quality engineered solutions available on the market.

All products are made entirely from stainless steel AISI 304 or optionally AISI 316L and are suitable for a wide number of applications.

Stainless Steel Gullies & Catchpits

OMC Technologies offer a wide range of Gullies & Catchpits. We offer customers the choice of light to heavy duty stainless steel products for all floor types. Our gullies & catchpits are easy to install and are designed for all sectors and environments, they are suitable for concrete floors with or without tiles, vinyl and circular frame profiles. There is also a wide range of hygienic stainless steel gratings suitable for any load class.

Our product range varies from domestic shower gullies, corrosive environment gullies, high-output gullies, sealed cleanroom gullies, double containment gullies and automated gullies, trapped & untrapped catchpits to match required outputs.

OMC Technologies gullies & catchpit range is 100% environmentally friendly due to being comprised solely of stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Gratings

OMC Technologies offer customers a range of Stainless Steel Gratings. Our gratings have been tested and specified in accordance with the European standard EN 1253.

OMC gratings are classified into load classes illustrating where they are most suited to. Customers have the added option of choosing a drain grating with optional screw lock to secure it firmly in place.

OMC Technologies can offer a wide range of gratings to choose from including; shower grating, punched profile grating, circular grating, slot grating, mesh grating, ladder grating & non-slip grating.

Stainless Steel Grease Interceptors

OMC Technologies offer customers a wide range of stainless steel passive grease interceptors suitable for above and below ground in single appliance units, commercial and industrial applications. Sill-Traps and Filter-Buckets can also be supplied pending customer requirements. Units can be provided with hinged/lockable covers in smooth, chequerplate or recessed covers.

We provide a standard range of grease interceptors but purpose made units can also be manufactured to suit clients requirements. Connections are also available to match clients existing pipework connections.

Stainless Steel Manhole Covers

OMC Technologies offer customers a wide range of Manhole Covers varying in size, shape, finish and material that are suitable for a variety of applications in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, security, commercial, industrial, meat & fish processing sectors.

OMC Technologies design, manufacture and install manhole covers to suit all floor types inlcuding: concrete, tiled, epoxy, flex-sheet(vinyl) and wooden floors. They can be fabricated recessed to suit any required depth or flush with finish floor level with a non-slip or smooth finish. Our covers can be manufactured with single, double or triple sealed to prevent smells and odours and also act as a water-seal to prevent cross contamination.

Stainless Steel Drainage Pipework

OMC Technologies offer an extensive range of stainless steel drainage pipework. All products come in a variety of dimensions from 50mm diameter to 300mm diameter.

OMC Technologies offer a complete program of bends, branches and brackets. Products like access pipes, the rat stop and double ring seal sockets are also part of this range. The pipes can be used above as well as below ground, where the low weight and the push fit system make installation fast, easy and a cost effective solution.

Stainless Steel Kerbing & Bunding

OMC Technologies offer a wide range of kerbing & bunding. Our Stainless Steel kerbing & bunding can be manufactured in either grade 304 or 316 and fabricated to the customers specific requirements in a range of finishes from 2B to 320grit polished finish.

The kerbing profile is customer specific and is folded using CNC Press Brakes to ensure precision and quality. Kerbing can be provided in either single or double sided design to allow panelling to sit on top if required.
Our Stainless Steel Bunding is all seem welded and dye-penentrant tested to ensure all joints are fully sealed. Bunds are also sized to suit the capacity of the storage units within them, sumps, drains and pumping stations can be supplied within the bund in case of spillage to the area.

Stainless Steel Bollards & Protectors

OMC Technologies offer a wide range of bollards and protectors in a variety of finishes, profiles and materials including stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel galvanised or painted.

We can design, manufacture and supply generic or bespoke items as required by the customer.

Our product range includes: door bollards, door goal-posts, kerb-protectors, corner-protectors, bump-rails, skirting etc.