OMC Technologies DAC, Ballysimon Road, Limerick, Ireland.

Cleanroom & Lab Furniture Capabilities
Cleanroom & Lab Furniture Capabilities
Cleanroom & Lab Furniture Capabilities


At OMC Technologies we pride ourselves on offering our customers a distinctive difference in choosing from our cleanroom furniture range.

We offer our clients the following advantages through using our specialized stainless steel/aluminium products:


OMC Technologies complete all design work in house using the latest Autocad Inventor software package, operated by a team of highly skilled and vastly experienced designers. All products are designed to comply with relevant industry standards and we provide CE certification on all bespoke products.


All works are completed in house at our 100,000sq/ft state of the art manufacturing facility in Limerick, which includes CNC laser cutting, forming and machining, fully certified welding processes, mechanical polishing, degreasing, pickling, passivating and electropolishing. We also have a custom built clean manufacturing cell for manufacture of products to facillitate delivery direct to clean environments.


We have an experienced team of site installers who will ensure delivery, installation and commissioning of our products to the highest standards.

Quality, longevity and whole life costing

An increasing number of people have come to realise that stainless steel/aluminium solutions are highly competitive when it comes to price. Figuring installation time, maintenance and longevity into the equation, let’s say over a realistic 50 year period, stainless steel/aluminium solutions from OMC have no equal.


OMC provide complete operations and maintenance manuals(O&M) for all products. This ensures that our clients have full tracability on all materials used and have a manual to ensure the correct care and maintenance of the products.

Environmentally Safe

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and non toxic. If a system needs replacements or replacing, the disposal of the old material is of no harm to the environment.

Fire Safety

Being able to withstand temperatures over 800° Celsius stainless steel is a highly fire resistant material.