Chemical Treatment Services

Initially OMC begin by carrying out an onsite assessment in order to be able to recommend the chemical treatment service best suited to each specific client’s site situation.

OMC provide the following cleaning services:

Dynamic Flushing:

OMC provide a full pre-clean service for new pipe work installations. This Flushing service aims to remove grease, swarf and debris typically found in new pipe work.


OMC provide a range of different alkaline degreasing solutions to remove the presence of grease from pipe work. All solutions are tested and certified for concentration prior to being used on site.

Chemical Clean:

OMC provide a service to remove the surface layer of ferrous oxide from the inside of the pipe.


Inhibitors are added to control the further corrosion of the pipes services under normal operation.

All these services are carried out under the BSRIA Guides recommendations. (BG-29/2012 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems)