Drainage Solutions – Kerbing & Bunding

OMC Technologies offer a wide range of kerbing & bunding. Our Stainless Steel kerbing & bunding can be manufactured in either grade 304 or 316 and fabricated to the customers specific requirements in a range of finishes from 2B to 320grit polished finish.

The kerbing profile is customer specific and is folded using CNC Press Brakes to ensure precision and quality. Kerbing can be provided in either single or double sided design to allow panelling to sit on top if required.
Our Stainless Steel Bunding is all seem welded and dye-penentrant tested to ensure all joints are fully sealed. Bunds are also sized to suit the capacity of the storage units within them, sumps, drains and pumping stations can be supplied within the bund in case of spillage to the area.