Drainage Solutions – Gullies & Catchpits

OMC Technologies offer a wide range of Gullies & Catchpits. We offer customers the choice of light to heavy duty stainless steel products for all floor types. Our gullies & catchpits are easy to install and are designed for all sectors and environments, they are suitable for concrete floors with or without tiles, vinyl and circular frame profiles. There is also a wide range of hygienic stainless steel gratings suitable for any load class.

Our product range varies from domestic shower gullies, corrosive environment gullies, high-output gullies, sealed cleanroom gullies, double containment gullies and automated gullies, trapped & untrapped catchpits to match required outputs.

OMC Technologies gullies & catchpit range is 100% environmentally friendly due to being comprised solely of stainless steel.